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Student Services

Student Services

The primary mission of Aegis is self-awareness. Aegis recognizes that there are many opportunities to enhance the learning process through holistic teaching. Consequently, our student services have been established to help students move toward the attainment of their goals.

Students at Aegis come from a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles. The personal circumstances of many often include financial, physical, and learning constraints that challenge education at Aegis. We acknowledge those concerns for our student population and do all we can to enable a full and satisfactory learning experience at our school. All students are encouraged to explore the services available.

Career Planning

From registration to graduation and beyond, we’ll help you plan your next move.

School advising
Meet with your advisor on your educational planning, course scheduling, significant changes or declarations, assistance with registration and other topics related to your achievement.
Job/Internship search and preparation Internship possibilities, receive college credit for existing skills.

Major and career counseling
What do you want to be? Explore your options, consider major requirements and learn about career opportunities.
Get the help you need now while developing the skills you’ll use for a lifetime.


Everybody needs a little help now and then.

Writing Center
From short stories to dissertations, to your business plan, the Writing Center can help you organize, revise and polish your writing assignment.

Supplemental Instruction
Been there. Aced that. These peer-led study sessions will assist you with traditionally difficult courses.

Presentation Center
Practice, prepare and perfect your presentation while receiving helpful feedback and maybe even a standing ovation.

Learning Specialist
Individualized consultations to help you overcome common obstacles and improve your performance.

Global Engagement
Real-world learning. Unforgettable experiences.

Service Learning


So much information. So little time.

“Access electronic”

Academic Journey
“”Library Google Scholar”

Service Complaints

We make every effort to encourage students to act by school policies as well state and federal laws. Individuals dissatisfied with Aegis policy or the conduct of a school employee can bring a complaint, a written or verbal notice of dissatisfaction, to the attention of the appropriate faculty, staff, or administrator at any time. If a problem is identified, proper remedies will be put in place as soon as possible. Before filing a complaint, individuals are advised to make every effort to resolve their dissatisfaction informally with the school personnel immediately involved. If an informal approach does not lead to a satisfactory resolution, the individual may register a complaint with the appropriate supervisor or administrator. If, after contacting the appropriate supervisor or administrator, you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may file a complaint form given below. Service complaints escalating to this level should be submitted in writing so that the appropriate administrator can investigate your complaint and respond.

When a student encounters unfair treatment online, the student should first try to resolve the issue informally with the faculty/staff member or department directly or through an online grievance report. Many problems can be handled by making an appointment/teleconference with the direct staff calmly and honestly communicating the concern(s).

Sexual Misconduct

The school community has the right to be free from sexual violence. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. Aegis believes in a zero-tolerance policy for sex or gender-based misconduct. When an allegation of misconduct is brought to an appropriate administrator’s attention, and a violation is found, severe sanctions will be implemented to reasonably ensure that such actions are never repeated. When a complainant(s) and respondent(s) are school employees, authorized volunteers, guests, or visitors, the College will comply with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. When a complainant(s) and respondent(s) are students, the school will comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX). For all individuals to whom this procedure applies, the school will adhere to its obligations under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) of 2013.

To take appropriate corrective action, the school must be aware of any discrimination, harassment, and related retaliation that occurs in school employment and educational programs or activities. Therefore, anyone who believes one has experienced or witnessed discrimination, harassment, or related retaliation should promptly report such behavior to the student services email.

Admission Decision Appeal Form

Guidelines for Submitting an Appeal:

Every applicant who was not admitted to the Aegis Business School of Philosophy has had their application file considered through guidelines established by the School Rules Handbook. It is because of the thoroughness of the process that it is unusual for an admission decision to be reversed. Therefore, for an appeal to have merit, it must bring to light new compelling academic and personal information. Details about extenuating circumstances that were not addressed in the original application must also be expressed. The appeals process is not a re-review of an existing applicant file, and appeals will not be accepted from applicants who are not submitting new information.

The appeal will only be accepted from the applicant, not a parent, guardian, or spouse.

The appeal must be written and submitted within two weeks of receipt of the decision.

The appeal must present and include new and compelling information not contained in the original application. Mere interest in attending the Aegis Institute of Philosophy and Business is not a valid basis for an appeal.

The appeal must include supporting documentation noting new and compelling information. Supporting documentation can consist of medical records, letters of academic recommendation, etc.

The appeal should include an explanation of why the new information was not submitted in the original application.

The applicant will be notified of the decision via e-mail within two weeks of submission of the appeal.

Applicants may only appeal once, and the resulting decision is final.

The appeal must be submitted via email to admissions: aegis@asop-edu.com with the subject heading: Decision Appeal.