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Accreditation is essential to Aegis; it creates a set of qualities, standards, and accountability for our institutions’ future. One of our primary goals is to encourage communication and interaction between our courses, students, school, and faculty. Accreditation will ensure education efforts are relevant to the modern world of business and philosophy. Our plan is to become accredited.¬†

Aegis believes in a contribution to the field of inclusive education of equity. The extent to which Aegis will be founded shall solely revolve around educating our leaders of tomorrow.

In simple language, Excellence is our watchword. We will not take your future lightly. Our five strategic priorities are: Transforming student experiences through self-awareness, Engaging the faculty and staff, Cultivating our relationships with our students, Enriching our communities, Creating lasting change that will promote transformation.

Open Enrollment! Classes are semester based. Refer to student handbook.”

Our courses are project-based and video learning courses. After finishing our program, our students will be able to: Manage time to facilitate their continuing personal and professional development, maintain conscious interpersonal relationships that will contribute to their well-being, decide intelligently as business leaders and consumers, manage personal and business affairs effectively even within situations that may happen beyond one’s control, leadership ethics, marketing, conflict resolution, business management and understand the diversity of leadership.

Throughout the community, there is a need for an action-oriented research and evaluation approach to improving social and economic responsibilities by implementing business and philosophical training to assess program impacts through educational learning tools. We are here to address those needs in our Institute by training our students to meet today’s demands and contribute to the economy. Our foundation is at the early growth stages with grand plans for our students. We will continue to need your help to make Aegis a prestigious school in years to come

Go to the homepage and click on admission, fill out an application, and pay a 25.00 non-refundable fee

We do not offer Financial Aid at this time. However, we provide a monthly payment plan at low costs and bundle packages; this how we keep our course at low rates.

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Philosophy and Ethics

Christian Philosophy

Project Management 

Business Leadership and Management