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Education Forward

In the face of social injustice, mental health, racism, bullying, and sexism, we are still in an uphill battle within our education system over racial inequality. We must address these issues not by looking at the problems about our learning and schooling, but therapeutic methods such as conflict resolution and mental health project. One of the most perturbing questions concerning our education system is,” Can we guarantee humanly equitable and equal distribution of benefits which will lead to a flourishing state where individuals are treated equally by the government regardless of social status or creed?”

The answer is finding a balance between equity and equality when it comes to bridging the education achievement gap. One enduring legacy of apartheid’s policy of racial segregation, is the fact that the socio-economic class system is firmly defined (entrenched) along racial lines – with whites still far above anyone else. The majority of minorities cannot afford to leave areas that are generally poorer ( and thus can only afford low-quality education), and therefore catching up with people who have a multi-generational history of privilege is almost impossible.

The problem is people tend to think that teachers are the ones in charge of this. We at Aegis believe that education begins at home. And it should carry on there too. However, the role of education provides in the shaping of this generation is crucial. Our influence can shape the world for better or for worse; therefore, we can’t just wink an eye or walk away when this generation engages in negative behaviors. We must all continue to instruct, correct, discipline, support, and praise as necessary.

Even with the best of intentions, it will still be a significant challenge for the state to reverse that in a single generation. Sadly, the performance of the government has been mediocre (in virtually all facets of governing), more so in the last decade and a half; and the critical changes that would need to be made to make the conditions better soon

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Joseph Ritchwood

Interim Executive Director