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Professional Development

Business education is not about the teacher who reaches the student solely through teaching the science of business, but students that learn and discover through pursuit of ones happiness that effects the whole society by becoming a good citizen. Link- bringing humanity back into the workplace.


1.Community Based Entrepreneurship- This is introductory lesson in corporate and personal finance. In this lesson you will learn three main objectives; developing and understanding the tools that are used to value investments, credit, and raising capital. Emphasis will be placed on appreciating limitations and challenges that are faced when applying the framework of corporate finance, personal finance to real world problems.


Entrepreneurship is a way of inspiring creative individuals to pursue opportunities despite its risk. There is a framework behind a successful business and its way of thinking, creating jobs, empowering people, and giving individual access to better their lives and the community Learning entrepreneurship forms core values between leaders and their community.


2. Social Innovation- We will focus on how to directly align with the company’s innovational agenda and business strategy, understand how to manage a firm, how to lead with purpose during a time of crisis, empower people with.


3. Interpersonal skills


4. Ability to communicate


5. Financial reporting