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Holistic Assessments

What do we mean by the word holism? In brief, it is a concept that acknowledges not only all the parts that make up an entity, in this case you the student, but how those parts fit together. It is most commonly applied in medicine,
language, and the science of ecology. We all have aspirations, frustrations, patterns of thought (including emotions), families, communities, struggles, strengths and weaknesses, all wrapped up in a physical body.

We want to know more about you before we bring you in. This helps us work with you for we place our students first. Secondly, we must assess student performance in each course of the program. This is important because many courses are prerequisites for other courses.

Our program addresses all of those. Our students are not those who merely want to make success in business, but also to make success in life. There are two types of assessment in our program: First, is admissions. Like all post-secondary institutions, we look at an applicant’s grades, but we know those only tell a small piece of the larger story and in many cases do not reflect the actual person.

We utilize a number of assessment techniques such as quizzes (in themselves learning opportunities), group discussions, and written essays. Your final project brings all the elements of the program together.

Students First

While most post-secondary schools and institutes say that their students are first, this is not always the case. Research, along with ambition among administration and faculty often gets in the way of quality teaching. There is value in research, but students too often become a means to an end rather than an end in themselves. This is not how Aegis operates.

Our program is a path we have developed for you and we invite you to walk it. We will guide you at every step of the way, from admission to your final project. Once finished, you will see your own path, the path you created. We are your scouts, your mapmakers. Teaching then becomes a form of facilitating your goals. Your success is our success. Both Aegis and you are holistically connected in your education.