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Course Platforms and Prerequisites

We use two sites as platforms for our classes: Udemy and Teachable.

Udemy is where we have our initial offering, a series of workshops approximately ten minutes long each for a total of sixty minutes. Each one of these presents basic concepts found in our full-length program quickly and. As a philosophical institute, we examine several sophisticated concepts. Our approach is that all people are capable of understanding these concepts – if presented in the right manner. Each workshop will culminate in a statement of completion; taking the entire series will earn you a certificate of completion. This course is mandatory for admittance into our full program.

Teachable is where you will find the full program. This series of twelve courses plus a final project. A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who finish the program. More importantly, you will gain a deep, working understanding of business, which you will be able to put the action. The level of the studies ranges from lower-division basics, similar to the level of learning within the first two years of

a college program, to what is sophisticated enough to qualify for master’s level work. Yes, we will challenge you, but we will also have your back the whole way. We understand the kinds of difficulties contemporary students can go through, which is why we put students first. Teachable courses are interactive and dynamic. You will work with both your instructor and fellow students, along with readings and video presentations. Just because you online do not mean that you are alone in your studies.