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At Aegis, we teach the formula for success combining philosophy with business


Affordable Learning

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We provide an alternative to traditional business programs for a fraction of the cost for traditional programs. 


International School

Our online platforms offer learning to students around the globe. We have a wonderful team who will support you along your journey. 


MBA Alternative

Who are you? No, really, who are you? What do you know about yourself? Most people have a difficult time with those questions, and many are even afraid of them. Our courses are designed to help you answer these questions.

Mission Statement (1)

Mission Statement

Our mission is grounded in diversity and inclusion across cultures globally while creating a safe and enriching online learning platform that integrates the arts of liberal education and the practice of business ethics combined,  that will cultivate and empower our future leaders of tomorrow. 

Vision Statement

Educational opportunity, and economic success are intertwined contribute to the potential for economic prosperity—to all students. and our democracy.

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The Formula For Success

Applying Philosophy to Your Career

Our 'Holistic' Testing Strategy

Holistic Assessments

We want to know more about you before we bring you in. This helps us work with you for we place our students first. Secondly, we must assess student performance in each course of the program. This is important because many courses are prerequisites for other courses.


Our program addresses all of those. Our students are not those who merely want to make success in business, but also to make success in life. There are two types of assessment in our program: First, is admissions. Like all post-secondary institutions, we look at an applicant’s grades, but we know those only tell a small piece of the larger story and in many cases do not reflect the actual person.We utilize a number of assessment techniques such as quizzes (in themselves learning opportunities), group discussions, and written essays. Your final project brings all the elements of the program together.

What Students Learn

Aegis works closely with the community to develop and implement growth opportunities for students, and families.

Be The Reader, Be The Writer, Be The Creator...

We Promise This. You Will Love What You Do!

Learn Research Skills To Analyze and Solve Problems

Learn Communication Skills To Sell Your Ideas

Learn Project Management Skills To Distribute Resources Properly

Learn Presentation and Writing Skills To Clearly Relay Information

Learn Self-Awareness To Master Emotional Intelligence and Analyze Situations Properly

Learn Financial Literacy To Make Financially Responsible Decisions

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