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A proper education seeks to understand what a person is and what they ought to be. At Aegis we teach the formula for success by combing theology philosophy with business.


Affordable Learning

We provide an alternative to business programs for a fraction of the cost.


Online Learning

Our online platforms offer learning to students around the globe. Education is a social process that forms through the learning of culture and policy and practice.



Who are you? No, really, who are you? What do you know about yourself? These answers will be addressed in our new theology course.


Professional Development

Bringing humanity back into the workplace. Professional development should be about humans flourishing where rational rules in truth and justice. 

Mission Statement (1)

Mission Statement

Our mission is grounded in diversity and inclusion across cultures globally while creating a safe and enriching online learning platform that integrates the arts of liberal education and the practice of business ethics combined,  that will cultivate and empower our future leaders of tomorrow. 

Vision Statement

Educational opportunity, and economic success are intertwined contribute to the potential for economic prosperity—to all students. and our democracy.

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The Formula For Success

Applying Philosophy to Your Career

What Students Learn

Aegis works closely with the community to develop and implement growth opportunities for students, and families.

Be The Reader, Be The Writer, Be The Creator...

We Promise This. You Will Love What You Do!

Learn Research Skills To Analyze and Solve Problems

Learn Communication Skills To Sell Your Ideas

Learn Project Management Skills To Distribute Resources Properly

Learn Presentation and Writing Skills To Clearly Relay Information

Learn Self-Awareness To Master Emotional Intelligence and Analyze Situations Properly

Learn Financial Literacy To Make Financially Responsible Decisions

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