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Alternative BUsiness education

Who are you? No, really, who are you? What do you know about yourself? Most people have a difficult time with those questions, and many are even afraid of them. Our courses are designed to help you answer these questions.

Getting Down To Business

Your Pathway to Business

Importance of Learning Business

The practicality of learning business makes it an invaluable tool for every profession. Attending a school that teaches business equips you with the skills to start a company.

Some of the skills you will learn include:

• Research skills: Learning business develops your critical thinking abilities. You learn quantitative skills that enable you to analyze and solve problems.

• Communication skills: Business communication is incredibly important. After studying our courses, you are better positioned to sell your ideas and professional competencies.

• Project management skills: Project management knowledge shows you the intricacies of implementing projects. Should a project involve the development of systems or a business application, business learning helps to know how to distribute resources.

• Presentation and Writing Skills- Comprehend written and verbal communications and express yourself through writing and oral presentations. Writing teaches us how to express ourselves to our colleagues, and employees in a clearer way.

• Self-Knowledge and Emotional Intelligence- We teach the importance of self-knowledge/awareness, which is just one skill needed in order to master emotional intelligence

• Financial Literacy- Every business needs someone to understand the art of mathematics for sales, to be productive in sales, marketing, and analyzing information. Financial Literacy matters in economic crises. Learning to manage money while understanding credit and debt management gives you the tools to make financially responsible decisions.

• Close understanding of Economical Fluctuations and other external changes affecting business

 Every individual has a crucial role in any organization. An organization’s full potential cannot be reached until everyone within that organization is driven to their maximum potential.

Innovation is essential for ongoing improvements to any organization’s success. Competitive oppositions come with the territory in the business industry. To remain competitive, organizations should have a culture built on principles, functional systems, and tools that are easily accessed and understood. The moment your organization ceases to be innovative, the higher your chances are at collapsing. Therefore, the economy needs people like yourself to bring humanity back into the workplace.

We find that the Shingo technique provides the pathway to a successful business model. Our classes teach how the Shingo concepts work alongside the “Ba” methods. Ba is a term that signifies relational space between participants in an activity or venture. Thus, each student is allowed to focus on wellness in the business place and build a successful structure and create space for others. Leading companies in the industry are searching for individuals like you who are open to new ideas and are willing to grow and adapt. Do you envision yourself being apart of a school that focuses on globalization and your local communities?


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Why Philosophy?

Learn With Us

Importance of Studying Philosophy

 When someone mentions that they are studying philosophy, they are probably going to be met with the question, “but why?” The understanding of the importance of learning this timeless subject is not particularly widespread, but there are infinite applications for it.

What Is Philosophy?

The word itself comes from the Greek word meaning “love of wisdom”. The importance of learning philosophy goes beyond understanding oneself and delves even further into understanding the world. This subject makes its students well-rounded individuals with fantastic critical thinking and evaluation skills.

Use It to Understand the World 

Your studies in this art will include many skills. You will have the critical thinking skills to be versatile, creative, and effective. Solving problems of all kinds will become a breeze because you have analyzed all sides of them. You will find that making friends and understanding your coworkers is easy. People will find you a great listener because philosophy teaches you to listen, pay close attention, and to entertain multiple perspectives in order to find the most useful solution. Best of all, your writing and lingual skills will improve, helping you be better in other classes you take.

So..What is Philosophy?

What is philosophy? It is an art that means more than understanding oneself. It is a vital acknowledgment of the world around you.

~Plato (c.427-347BC)

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.”

Re-Educate Yourself with our Courses on Personal Wellness

When we think about “wellness,” each person has a different approach.

Some think about fitness, some think about meditation and prayer, and others focus on boosting the immune system.

We teach holism, a practice that looks at the interconnection between our bodies and our minds to encompass each of these definitions of “healthy” at once.

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Learn Why Wellness is Important

We often ignore our well-being to focus on productivity, which is counterproductive. The importance of wellness stems from the fact that it is the only way to achieve happiness and success. We teach wellness because it allows us to become our best selves. When all our needs have been met, and we feel good physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, we feel fulfilled and have more to give to other

Understanding the Philosophy

Holistic health is a concept that has existed for thousands of years. Even the attempts to balance touches of humor dating back to Hippocrates recognized the need to balance all aspects of the body and mind. Our selves cannot be compartmentalized; they are complete systems. How we feel physically can impact our spiritual, mental or emotional health, which can impact our social or financial health, and so on. A body is not a machine, so when something is wrong it is an issue affecting the whole, not just a part. We teach well-being and holism to learn to look at our whole selves.

We teach well-being which, unfortunately, cannot be achieved by just throwing a fad diet or gym membership at our problems. We teach well-being because it’s not something that comes easily to most people. When we take a holistic approach to health, we can find the underlying causes of our problems.

The problem with approaches that ignore holism is that if a person is, for example, overweight, they simply hand them a weight-loss plan. Some dietary changes are probably necessary, but the importance of holism lies in its ability to figure out where the lifestyle problems originated. We teach wellness in a way that considers questions such as is the person stressed? Lonely? Or do they have a metabolic or hormonal imbalance?

Because we teach holism, we can uncover and treat the root causes of problems to prevent them from returning later on. A holistic philosophy focuses on the interconnection between all parts of ourselves and views us as complete systems rather than component parts. We focus on educating people on both well-being and holism because the two go hand-in-hand. It is impossible to practice holism without wellness, and true wellness is impossible if we don’t teach holism.

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